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Opening speech of the celebrations of S. Vitorio (Baralla) (28-8-1981).

Presentation of the twelfth Domingos Folklóricos Portomarín (program) (1982).
Conference in Mollet on Armando Cotarelo Valledor (19-5-1984).
Conference in Mollet on Casado Nieto (February-1985).
Poetry recital on the Plaza de Sta. M ª de Lugo celebrating acts of Tribute to Ánxel Fole, organized by the City Council of Lugo (1986).

Conference on "Sixth Course of Galician Folklore", with lecture-discussion on "popular tales" (1-4-1988).

Literary reading -prose- organized by the Institute Anxel Fole de Lugo (19-5-1988).

Poetry reading in the sixth Romería dos Muiños de Busnullán (4-7-1989).