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Manuel Oreste Rodríguez López Literary Contest

In each edition, the first link leads to the full book, the second to the mayor's greeting, and the third (except in the first edition) to the prologue written each year by a person related to the author.
Books of the Literary Contest and Prefaces  
1st Edition (1996) - Xosé M. Mato (Mayor of Paradela) Bases
2nd Edition (1997) - X.M. MatoXesús Mato Bases
3rd Edition (1998) - X.M. MatoXulio Xiz Bases
4th Edition (1999) - X.M. MatoXulio Xiz Bases
5th Edition (2000) - X.M. MatoSantiago Rodríguez Bases
6th Edition (2001) - X.M. MatoXulio Xiz Bases
7th Edition (2002) - X.M. MatoXesús Mato Bases
8th Edition (2003) - X.M. MatoXosé Manuel Carballo Bases
9th Edition (2004) - X.M. MatoXavier Rguez. Barrio Bases
10th Edition (2005) - X.M. MatoSantiago Rodríguez Bases
11th Edition (2006) - X.M. MatoAlfredo Glez. Vilela Bases
12th Edition (2007) - X.M. MatoBaldomero Iglesias Bases
13th Edition (2008) - X.M. MatoXosé Lois García Bases
14th Edition (2009) - X.M. MatoXesús A. Montero Bases
15th Edition (2010) - X.M. MatoDarío Xohán Cabana Bases
16th Edition (2011) - X.M. Mato - Jaime Delgado Gómez Bases
17th Edition (2012) - X.M. Mato - Iolanda Díaz Gallego Bases
18th Edition (2013) - X.M. Mato - Valentín García Gómez Bases
19th Edition (2014) - X.M. Mato - Manoel Carrete Bases
20th Edition (2015) - X.M. Mato - Xesús Mato Bases
21st Edition (2016) - X.M. Mato - Xulio Valcárcel Bases
22nd Edition (2017) - X.M. Mato - Adolfo de Abel Vilela Bases
23rd Edition (2018) - X.M. Mato - Ángel Fernández Bases
24th Edition (2019) - X.M. Mato - Alfonso Blanco Bases
25th Edition (2020) - X.M. Mato - Irene López Bases
26th Edition (2021) - X.M. Mato - Román Rodríguez Bases
27th Edition (2022) Bases

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